KENT Authorized Service Person

Importance of KENT Authorized Service Person

Now that you are using a KENT RO water purifier, you must engage KENT authorized service personnel only for the maintenance and repair of your product.

To counter this malpractice, KENT is now providing 4 years of Free Service to its customers. Your KENT water purifier can give its optimum performance only with original spare parts.

Unfortunately, some of the customers do try to save some money by engaging Technician Privately to attend there. The most important point to remember is KENT does not sell any spare part in the open market. Original spare parts are available only with the KENT Authorized Service center. Always Avoid engaging an unauthorized person to repair your product.

Always Rely on KENT Authorized Service Person

When you are engaging Technician without informing any Authorized Service Center to repair your KENT RO Water Purifier, it is most likely that they will give you used or duplicate or local spare parts and take a discounted price.

You are being cheated and KENT will not undertake any responsibility in such cases. Because KENT has Authorized Service Centers in almost every corner of India.

We suggest, always contact the service center and not any individual. Otherwise, you may have to repent afterward. We are coming across this type of fraud very often. Better to take proper care of your money and machine.

Kent Authorized Service Person - No Alternative

KENT is taking care of its customers but customers also need to think of their ultimate benefit. There are a lot of people or agencies in the market, they offer to provide KENT water purifier service but in 99% cases, they replace the original spares with any substandard spares. The customer only realizes the value of authentic service only when the product starts giving trouble.

Even in some cases, the unauthorized service person changes their mobile number after fooling a good number of customers.

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