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Certainly water purifier machines really purify the water. The degree and quality of purification will depend on following factors: Your raw water quality Your water consumption Technology of water purifier you are using Brand you are using Your raw water quality You should always select your product depending upon your raw water quality. Water quality […]
Importance of KENT Authorized Service Person Now that you are using a KENT RO water purifier, you must engage KENT authorized service personnel only for the maintenance and repair of your product. To counter this malpractice, KENT is now providing 4 years of Free Service to its customers. Your KENT water purifier can give its […]
Add Your Heading Text Here Why Buy KENT RO Water Purifier? You drink water to quench your thirst. But impurities in drinking water are increasing day by day especially dissolved impurities like pesticide arsenic and fluoride which are even more harmful.  Waterborne diseases are on the rise almost 70% of all diseases originate from water. […]
Congratulations on buying Kent gold purifier which is a part of India stop most selling range of non-electric gravity UF purifiers. Your Kent Gold purifies water by a three-stage filtration method without using any harmful chemicals. In the first stage, the water passes through a sediment filter that removes dirt and impurities. After this, the […]
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