KENT RO Water Purifier Service

Kent RO Water purifier service can be devided into the following categories.

KENT RO Water Purifier Installation

The Installation of Kent RO Water Purifier guarantees you unadulterated and safe drinking water. At DKPL Appliances, we accept that protected drinking water is one of the crucial needs of all of us. Proper Installation of an RO utmost important. We offer different kinds of RO water purifier installation in Kolkata.

DKPL APPLIANCES has an expert assistance Engineer group who is constantly prepared to assist you with a proper installation of your product. Right from selecting the best available space till ensuring the optimum performance of your RO Water Purifier. 

All the field Engineers are thoroughly trained and work under constant monitoring of an expert.

KENT Water Purifier Service

RO Water apparatus unendingly Filters Water And manufacture Pure And Healthy Water From Contaminated Water.

While This Process The Filter Of The Water Purifier Get Fouled By Several Impurities Thus Service Of RO Water Purifier Is Essential To Get Pure And Healthy Water Without Any Trouble. Be that as it may, The Function Of RO Water Purifier Always Needs An Expert And Professional Hand Because this Contains Complex Spare Parts.

We Have professional Service Engineer’s Team who will Deliver You Satisfactory Service At the doorstep At Nearly No price. Please remember we are KENT AUTHORIZED Service Provider in Kolkata

Book Your Water apparatus Service just by calling 9804802630/ 9836106363.


KENT Water Purifier Repair

Water purifiers are an unavoidable gadget of our lives, and it has become so because of expanded water pollution in the ongoing years. We can’t consider drinking water without purifying it appropriately. Because we would prefer not to fall prey to those dangerous water-borne infections that are brought about by organisms and sullying present in the water. 

RO water purifiers are viewed as one of the most proficient water purifiers bound with RO innovation. On the off chance that you additionally possess an RO water purifier and searching for a bonafide RO Service Provider, at that point you have landed at the ideal spot.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) innovation of water decontamination is considered profoundly successful in inebriating water and evacuating different sorts of debasements present inside it. There are numerous prevalent Indian brands, for example, Kent, Pureit, Aquasure, Aquaguard, Livpure, and others that offer RO water purifiers. 

As your RO water purifier is a gadget, it might at some point show faults because of the end number of reasons. All things considered, you don’t have to freeze, we are there to help you out. Because we are KENT AUTHORIZED Service Provider in Kolkata.

KENT Water Purifier AMC

We believe that regular maintenance of the water apparatus could increase pressure on your pocket.

Thus we offer various customized RO AMC plan.


Water Purifier AMC set up maybe a go for that our service engineers are aware of your RO water purifier by providing periodic services, even improvement of your system also.


We offer numerous  AMC Package, so opt for the most effective AMC set up for your water purifier.

Our Ro AMC plans area unit out there at a relatively low value.


We powerfully suggested you get the AMC plans for your water purifier from KENT AUTHORIZED Service Provider in Kolkata as a result of regular and correct maintenance of your water purifier will increase the lifetime of the water apparatus.