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Definitely, that was possible due to the faith and confidence of the Kent water purifier users in Kolkata. For that reason, each and every customer deserves a salute from our side. We also appreciate those customers who helped us to improve our service quality by giving valuable suggestions, giving feedback, etc.

We reassure you that we will continue to provide the best quality service to our customers as we have been doing for the last 10 years. You can continue to register your complaints through phone or whatsapp. We once again confirm that we use only Kent genuine spare parts for repairing your products.


Kent RO Water Purifiers

As a Kent Service Center, we understand the Best Kent RO Water Purifiers 2021

In this pandemic situation, no salesperson will attend you if you wish to make a purchase. Obviously, due to safety reasons, even you may not prefer to allow an outsider in your home.

So, we have made some smart suggestion of Kent Water Purifiers for you, which you can buy online, with full safety.

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Here are some best Selling Kent RO Water Purifiers

Best Kent Water Purifiers 2021 & More...

Kent UV + UF Water Purifiers

Water after cleaning with basic filters i.e, sediment filter, carbon filter and Ultra filtration membrane is treated by stong Ultra Violet Rays for disinfecting all biological impurities.

Kent Non Electric Water Purifiers

Low Cost, non electrical water purifiers powered by ultra filtration membrane. Suitable for good quality water around 100 -150 TDS.

Kent Kitchen Appliances

Great Appliances for kitchen daily use. Like Rice Cookers, Mixer Grinders, Juicers, Atta Dow Maker and many more. Have a look at the entire range and you will surely find some things ver useful. From the brand KENT.

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The process is totally AUTOMATED. You don have to worry about installation, installation will be done by Authorized Kent Service Provider. As soon as you product is delivered our automated system registers an Installation Request to KENT directly.

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