Kent RO AMC Charges in Kolkata

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Kent RO AMC Charges in Kolkata

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The Kent RO AMC Charges in Kolkata are very reasonable. For a city like Kolkata, the charges are quite nominal. DKPL Appliances will provide you with the Original Kent spares and very good after-sales service is also. While looking for  Kent RO AMC Charges in Kolkata, we request you keep in your mind that every good thing comes at a cost. So, it is not always wise to go for cheap Kent RO AMC Charges in Kolkata.

Kent RO AMC Charges in Kolkata

Kent RO AMC charges in Kolkata: what to expect

If you’re a resident of Kolkata, you know that getting access to clean drinking water can be a challenge. This is where Kent RO Water Purifier comes in. Kent RO is a water purification company that provides a variety of services to its customers, including AMC (annual maintenance contracts) through its Authorized Service Centers.

So, what can you expect when you sign up for an AMC with Kent RO?

First and foremost, you can expect excellent customer service. The company’s customer service representatives are always available to answer any questions you may have and address any concerns you may have.

Second, you can expect comprehensive coverage. An AMC with Kent RO covers all aspects of your water purification system, from the filters to the electrical/ electronic parts. This means that if anything goes wrong with your system, Kent RO Service Center will be there to fix it.

Beware of Kent Counterfeit Spare Parts

Generally, customers are happy if somebody offers a Kent RO AMC at a cheap price. But there have to be some flaws behind giving such low prices. Before paying the money please check the following otherwise you will invariably be cheated.

  • Are you signing up for the AMC with an Authorized Kent Service Center?

As per the Kent RO Systems policy, Original Spare Parts are supplied only to the Authorized Kent Service Centers. Naturally, the original spare parts are not available in the local market. Hence if you are signing up for the Kent RO AMC with anyone who is not an Authorized Kent Service Center then you will get either substandard local spare parts or counterfeit spare parts. Read the media report below:

  • Are you signing up for the AMC with an Individual?

Even when a Technician from the Authorized Kent Service centers visits a customer place, they collect the number of the Technician. Next time the customers call up the Technician directly with the idea that the technician can provide the service or AMC at much cheaper prices.

In these cases, the Technician definitely charges a lesser price by providing old/ used filters or counterfeit spare parts.

Another big risk is that what will you do if the Technician to whom you have paid changes the mobile number?

Kent RO AMC in South Kolkata

If you are looking for Kent RO AMC in South Kolkata, DKPL Appliances is the best option. We provide all genuine & original Kent Water Purifier Spare Parts to our customers. We do not compromise on Quality, so we can’t compromise on the AMC Charges.

Types of Kent RO AMC we Offer

Kent RO Service Only

Kent RO Service Plus Electrical/ Electronic

Kent RO Service Plus Filters

Kent RO Service, Filters Plus Electrical (Comprehensive)

Discounts on Kent RO AMC

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